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KINDERRING BERLIN e.V. (Children and Youth organisation)

"A person who has no courage to dream, has no energy to fight"- slogan of KINDERRING BERLIN e.V.

KINDERRING BERLIN e.V. (KiRi) is a registered children and youth organisation based in Berlin. The KiRi was founded in 1990 by children, young people and parents and as well by social- and youth workers. The KiRi has six branches in different parts of Berlin and one in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. KiRi is open to everybody irrespective of their ethnical, cultural and social background or financial status.

At the moment KiRi has more than 200 members. The main aspect of this work is the quarter orientated and overlapping leisure work for children and youth, as well as the establishment of leisure-and recovering offerings for children, youth and families in sense of a significant recreation occupation.

The work of the KINDERRING includes organizing Family weekends as well as festivals for children and teenagers. We also organize and prepare international Youth camps together with our European partners from Finland, Great Britain, Slovakia, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Hungary. Furthermore we emphasise on offering seminaries to create political awareness and organize trips to many memorial places.

The KiRi is a dedicated member of the LANDESJUGENDRING , the AKIB and is involved in different workshops of the Youth welfare service. We see ourselves as a connection between Youth Organisations, free support organisations of the youth welfare and schools. Its one of our goals to improve the cooperation of all the representatives of the institutions and organisations involved.

The Department for Youth and Family of Berlin Senate officially acknowledged the KINDERRING BERLIN e.V. as a free support organisation of the Youth welfare.

Aim of the KiRi: - empower children and young people to develop their creativity and innovative ideas - encourage young people to express their views - include young people active through their particular interests - explain childrens rights and support in enforcing them - facilitate self-determined and self organised ways of living for children and young people with special consideration for the socially disadvantaged. - promote in the democratic participation of young people in the decision making process - combat racism, fascism, anti-Semitism and nationalism - encourage young people to get involved in activities of the civil society - promote in building a tolerant, democratic and non-violent society - raise the awareness of solidarity among the children and young people - raise curiosity about other culture and promote intercultural understanding - raise awareness on human rights and human rights education - exchange information and experience of aspects of adult life - Work and network with youth organisations, institutions and schools